Sunday, 30 October 2011


Tomorrow is exam, but I didn't even take any effort to study. 
I was more busy with chatting with my ghouldfriends.

But when I got bad grades, my reaction was like

how I act in front of my parents 

Saturday, 29 October 2011





When facing a ghost



Awkward moment when u try to tell ur feelings to ur crush

When I try to talk about something interesting, he reply with Oh and Okay.
And, if I can't find any topic to talk about, my reaction turn out like this

Then, I met him at school. He came towards me and ask me to go shopping with him
I was happy, and wanna say something really adorable. But,it come out like this

or i blurt out without thinking bout it 

he must think that im a weirdo or something 
then he said "Oh, I forgot ! I have other plans for that day, so,no shopping, sorry!"
and he just look at me like this

That was really embarassing, and i took a few steps back